PhD Research Proposal in Blockchain

A blockchain is a repository of storing electronic records in encrypted format over a decentralized system. This network follows the sequential order of blocks which assure a single version of data. Further, it includes distributed digital ledger, immutable property, consensus algorithm, transaction validation, distributed identity, cryptographic support, trust, and more. This page gives new research updates on blockchain technologies with its Research Areas and Ideas!!! Reach our expert panel team for novel phd research proposal in blockchain technology.

Though it has many characteristics to assure security in a decentralized system, it is at the risk of several undesired factors. So, it requires better standards to manage evolving security attacks. So, here we have given some limitations of blockchain that you need to know for developing blockchain projects. Since, rather than find a repair solution, it is better to stop the action before it happens.

Limitations of Blockchain

Even if blockchain is considered an innovative forward-looking technology, it has some shortcomings that need extra care in handling and developing blockchain systems. The notable limitations are given as follows,  

  • For efficient results, it requires large-scale users to form and process the chained network. Also, the nodes in the network only determine the network robustness. For high strength, the network should pay high incentives to their participant nodes like the bitcoin blockchain. If it fails to pay high incentives, then the network will meet low strength.
  • Contextually, it is hard to interpret practical logic in real-time implementation. So, it requires highly skilled developers to cope with their projects. But the major problem of blockchain is the lack of sufficient developers with sufficient knowledge. So, it requires experts to manage the transaction in a complex system since small changes may affect the whole system’s functionalities.
  • Another major problem in the blockchain is scalability which relies on throughput. It requires high throughput while dealing with a large volume of transactions. For instance: bitcoin takes a minimum of 10 minutes for one transaction, so it causes a delay in processing time.
  • In some cases, the immutability nature of the blockchain itself become an issues

Next, we can see about new growing blockchain security attacks which are classified into 4 major categories. And they are wallet-based attacks, ledger and consensus-based attacks, smart contract-based attacks, and peer-to-peer network-based attacks. This helps you to choose PhD Research Proposal in Blockchain related to any of these attacks.

  • Wallet-based
    • Parity Multisig Wallet Attack
  • Ledger and Consensus-based
    • Race Attack
    • 51% Attack
    • Finney Attack
  • Smart Contract-based
    • Data Acquisition (DAQ) Attack
  • P2P Network-based
    • Sybil Attack
    • Eclipse Attack
    • Routing Attack
    • Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attack

Each block in the blockchain encrypts the transaction using a cryptographic hashing function. Similarly, the digital signature method is used to sign the transaction. These two methods are the most commonly used cryptographic technologies in blockchain to ensure data/block security. Also, it uses another cryptographic algorithm to strengthen the security level. And some of the other techniques used by blockchain are given below,

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • Quantum Computing
  • Blockchain with Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Artificial Intelligence / Quantum AI

What is Cryptography in Blockchain?

As mentioned earlier, blockchain uses hash functions and asymmetric-key algorithms for building blocks. The hash functions are applied to hash the data/block which provides the identical view of the transaction to all the nodes in the network. For that, it usually uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm.

Overall, cryptography has a key responsibility to provide definite security to the blockchain. Through this only, the blockchain guarantees several features like network security, privacy, immutability, etc.

More use of cryptographic techniques will eventually boost up the security levels and yield add-on characteristics of the blockchain. On the whole, it gives multiple solutions to increase privacy without compromising transaction validation. Below, we have given you some preferred cryptographic algorithms which give the best results in the blockchain.

Novel PhD Research Proposal in Blockchain Technology

Cryptography Algorithms in Blockchain

  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs: It uses the user’s personal information to validate as a member of a group. The piece of data used for authentication is said to be as knowledge of a secret such as ID, password. In the blockchain, the transaction cannot be added to the chain without revealing it to the peers. Similarly, this method lets the user prove their identity without revealing the secret.
  • Ring Signatures: A user from the group create the digital signature to do the transaction. In this group, all the users have their keys so it is hard to detect the actual sender but the receiver will detect the sender.
  • Multi signatures: It uses digital signatures to validate the transaction in the network. Also, the receiver can validate the transaction from the sender by verifying the signature. Overall, this method generates multiple digital signatures for the validation of multiple parties. 
  • Stealth Addresses: It uses a one-time address for each time of the transaction to ensure security over multiple accesses. For instance: the bitcoin blockchain has a single view of transactions for all nodes. Every node in the network validates the transactions. So, it keeps the update of actual transactions.

Our resource team has long-term experience in practicing blockchain technologies. So far, we have come a crossed numerous researches in the blockchain. As a result, we have more competencies to assist you in the current and future scope of blockchain research. Based on our experience, we have highlighted some important blockchain mechanisms and ideas for your reference.

Blockchain Technology Mechanisms

  • Anonymous Encrypted Data Streams
  • Digital Identity using Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Compact Multi signatures Transactions
  • Pseudonym Blockchain Management and Addresses
  • Identity Management Model (User-centric or Federated)
  • Blockchain Addressing for SD-IoT Network
  • Blockchain-based Distributed PKI Solutions
  • Blockchain Identity Verification for Authentication
  • Smart Card Design and Development (JC3.04 platform)
  • Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchain Addressing

In addition, we have also listed some popular consensus algorithms used widely in blockchain development and deployment. Since consensus mechanism is very important for blockchain smart contract execution. So, find the various consensus algorithm in the following list.

Why do we need different consensus mechanisms?

  • Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
  • Proof-of-Work (PoW)
  • Proof-of-Elapsed Time (PoET)
  • Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS)
  • Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT)

Also, we have itemized the characteristics of the consensus mechanism which make it special compared to other common technologies in a distributed system. These are the reasons that many blockchain projects are using a consensus algorithm.

  • Safety
  • Development
  • Regulation needs
  • Tokenization
  • Confidentiality
  • Performance
  • Various Security Requirements
  • Cryptographic Algorithm Strength
  • Diverse Use-cases and Scenarios

Now, we can see the list of the latest research ideas that currently pursuing by many active scholars. All these ideas are unique and are gathered from an in-depth literature survey of recent reputed research papers.

Research Ideas in Blockchain Technology

  • Internet of Drones (IoD)
  • Cybersecurity for Driverless Cars
  • Blockchain-based UAV for Vehicle Monitoring
  • Blockchain Gateway Devices in IoT
  • Blockchain Transaction Registration using Devices
  • Blockchain for Supply Chain Management
  • Integration of blockchain with Edge Computing
  • Blockchain for Self-Driving Automobiles
  • Quantum Computing in Future Autonomous Automobiles
  • Blockchain in Underwater Drone Technology
  • Vehicular Communication using Blockchain Security
  • Hybrid Cloud-blockchain Architecture for IoT-Edge
  • New Developments of Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles

For your benefit, we have also given you a few vital research topics for your PhD Research Proposal in Blockchain. For achieving the best blockchain technology thesis topics, our research team frequently updates the knowledge by referring to current research magazines, articles, and journal papers. To be sure, these topics will create a positive impact on blockchain research.

Blockchain Technology Research Topics

  • New Design of Smart Contracts
  • Decentralized Blockchain Applications
  • New Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms
  • Privacy in Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Advance Blockchain Security Technologies
  • Enhancing Scalability in Blockchain Network
  • Token Economics Blockchain
  • Effective Cryptographic Techniques for Blockchain
  • Blockchain Interoperability and Governance Issues

By the by, blockchain as a trust-creating approach improves the accuracy characteristics of the system. So, blockchain is widely specified as a chain of trust or root of trust which ensures trust throughout the system.

For instance,

  • Security in distributed computing enables the accuracy in IoT
  • Trust-based computing model highlighting the privacy and accuracy

Further, if need more attention-grabbing topics for PhD Research Proposal in Blockchain, then communicate with us. And, we also encourage our clients to come up with their creative ideas. Let’s hold our hands together to find the best solution for our desired research.

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