PhD Research Topics in Dependable Secure Computing

PhD research topics in dependable secure computing is a research link for PhD/MS entrants. So far, we serve our pool of creative notions from various fields of study. A dependable and secure system must have abilities for “fault-prevention, tolerance and also removal.” It aims to defend against all kinds of severe cyber threats. Almost, we are ahead in this field through refreshing new trends and techs each day.

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In order to update our skills, we bring up reputed journals as well as conferences. From our most recent review, we have found out several new research points of viewPhD research topics in dependable secure computing.  let our hand-holding PhD/MS scholars be unique from others at the end, just as usual.

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Trending PhD Research Topics in Dependable and Secure Computing
Prime Areas of PhD Research Topics in Dependable Secure Computing
  • Model-driven engineering approaches
  • Delay-tolerant and also time-sensitive networks
  • Security of smart infrastructures
  • Dependable and secure IIoT and also Factory of Things
  • Use of databases and also distributed ledgers
  • Digital forensic architecture using blockchains
  • SDN for anti-forensic architecture
  • SDN/NFV based 5G for URLLC
  • Resilient and also repairable ML
  • Data security and also privacy

For execution, we work on a variety of simulation tools and software. Along with these practices, we also develop the systems in hardware too, reach us for PhD research topics in dependable secure computing. That is, you can gain DOUBLE-BENEFIT from us.

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Best Tools for Your Dependable Secure Computing Projects
  • NS-3
  • NS-2
  • OMNeT++
  • Simulink
  • CAD tools
  • CloudSim
  • And also iFogSim

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In below we have pointed out novel project ideas from topics in dependable secure computing,

The new function for Efficient and Private Scoring of Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines and Logistic Regression Models Based on Pre-Computation

An effective function for  Design of Measurement Methods against Bandwidth Inflation Attacks

The novel method for Activation Server for Bidirectional Limited Usages of Digital Objects

An effectual function for Privacy-Preserving Attribute-Based on Keyword Search in Shared Multi-owner Setting practice

The novel system for Counterfeit Fingerprint Detection of Outbound HTTP Traffic with Graph Edit Distance scheme

An efficient function for Key based on Artificial Fingerprint Generation for Privacy Protection system

An innovative mechanism for Capability-based on Privacy-Protection Handover Authentication Mechanism for SDN-based 5G HetNets

An innovative method for DeepMemIntrospect based on Recognizing Data Structures in Memory with Neural Networks

An innovative method for Benchmarking Capability of Symbolic Execution Tools with Logic Bombs system

An innovative mechanism for Detection of DNS Tunneling by Feature-Free manner

An effectual function for Design and Implement of Binary Fuzzing Based on Libfuzzer system

An inventive thing for Automatic Integer Error Repair via Proper-Type Inference system

A new modeling and designing Anonymous Password-Authenticated Key Exchange protocols scheme

An inventive process for Empirical Analysis of Hazardous Uses of Android Shared Storage system

The novel approach for Differentially Private Publication of Vertically Partitioned Data

An innovative mechanism for Enabling Fine-Grained Control for Distributed Data Analytics

The novel technique for Security Model of Authentication at the Physical Layer and Performance Analysis over Fading Channels

An effective function for Sonification to Support for Monitoring Tasks of Security Operations Centres

The novel methodlogy function for Invisible Adversarial Attack against Deep Neural Networks

An inventive system for Optimizing function for Sequence of Vulnerability Scanning Injections scheme

PhD Research Topics in Dependable Secure Computing

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