PhD Research Topics in LTE

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Innovative PhD Research Topics in LTE


  • Multi-Video Chat with LTE
  • CRN and LTE Network
  • LTE and UAV Network
  • Mobile IPTV through LTE
  • Cross-Layering Design for LTE MAC
  • Reconfigurable and Adaptive MAC
  • Green Networking for LTE Access
  • Hybrid Vehicular Networks by LTE
  • Cellular Adhoc Network

“At present, LTE deals with research on the latest mobile broadband.” LTE has evolved a lot from the initial state. To list, we gave them in the following section for you. To point out the vital fact, our professionals have worked in all these forms.


  • LTE
  • LTE-A
  • LTE-A Pro
  • LTE-M
  • PS-LTE
  • LTE-R


  • Channel Capacity Equalization
  • Cooperative Communication
  • Interference Elimination
  • Su-MIMO
  • Mu-MIMO

Specifically, PhD Research Topics in LTE will set the goals before crafting the plan for your work. This is because proper goals will attract you towards it. Concurrently, we will also work to attain the goals on-time.

In particular, PhD Research Topics in LTE consists of adepts who work with a stubborn heart. As can be seen, this will lead to success. Undeniably, we will unlock the success of PhD aspirants through our in-depth research.

In the final analysis, you can take a look at the topics that we gave for you,

The new technique for Analysis of Indoor LTE-DL/Wi-Fi Coexistence Scenarios with Automated Measurement Testbed system

Novel mechanism for Synchronization used for LTE-A System Downlink aimed at LTE Wireless Communications

An effective function for Microwave Ghost Imaging via LTE-DL Signals

The modern system for CTMC modelling for H2H/M2M coexistence in LTE-A/LTE-M networks

An innovative mechanism for Concurrent uplink transmissions for licensed-assisted access in LTE-A networks

A new process for GFDM and LTE Data Convergence Test in Optical Access Networks (OANs)

An effective Performance Analysis of LTE Network with QAM and MIMO Configuration method

An inventive source for LTE/Wi-Fi/mmWave RAN-Level Interworking Via 2C/U Plane Splitting for Future 5G Networks

An effectual process for Eight-band method based on WWAN/LTE By-Hinge Printed Inverted-F Antenna on Laptop Computer scheme

A fresh Design method and Simulation  process of Conventional and U-Slot Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna with and Without Air Gap for LTE Application

An innovative methodology for LTE Uplink Interference Mitigation Features scheme

A new technique for Evaluation of Advantageous LTE MIMO Nefer Antennas in Real Test Drives and in New Reproducible Half Virtual Test Drive system

A new design method for Highly Efficient 5.15- to 5.85-GHz Neutralized HBT Power Amplifier for LTE Applications

An innovative method for  Prototype of Multi-RAN eNB with Dynamic Baseband Resource Allocation used for Heterogeneous Private LTE Networks

An effectual function for Adaptive Resource Allocation intended for LTE/WiFi Coexistence in Unlicensed Spectrum scheme

On the use of Reinforcement Learning  mechanism for Enhanced LBT Tool designed for LTE-Unlicensed system

An efficient function for Advanced Envelope Tracking System designed for High Power Applications in Uplink 4G/5G LTE method

A firsthand process for Resource Optimization meant for Joint LWA and LTE-U in Load-Coupled and Multi-Cell Networks

A new-fangled source for Spectrum Multiplexing meant for LTE-U and Wi-Fi in Heterogeneous Network

An innovative mechanism for QoS based on IP mobility management scheme for the next generation SDN-LTE network

A new function for Lightweight Wi-Fi Frame Detection aimed at Licensed Assisted Access LTE scheme

PhD Research Topics in LTE

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