PhD Research Topics in Manet

PhD Research Topics in MANET will give the best work to students who hunt their PhD work. Firstly, we will give the sublime project concepts for your PhD career. Our experts will also go through a lot of assets to make your project a superb one.

“MANET come as ‘on the fly or impulsive’ network with the dynamic topology support. Actually, it will attain efficiency in terms of bandwidthenergy, and cost.” Until now, students will also move on the way to the integration of MANET and cellular networks.

In order to preserve the link of mobile devices, we will prefer this blend. Our high-tech team has composed a list of recent research topics. Meanwhile, we also have given them in the following section.

Innovative PhD Research Topics in Manet


  • Hybrid MANET with 5G Technology
  • Cognitive Ad Hoc Network
  • SDN/NFV for Army Tactical MANET
  • Blockchain based Distributed Security
  • Multi-Hop and also D2D Communication
  • Cross-Layer MAC and Routing Protocol
  • Cloud and also Edge Computing
  • Network Control and Management
  • Analytical and also Probabilistic Models
  • Green Ad Hoc Network
  • Satellite Communication

In view of simulation, mobility will model play a vital role in MANET. You will get true satisfaction only if you work with the PhD Research Topics in MANET. Our coders have also listed out some of the critical mobility models for your info.



  • ConstantPosition
  • ConstantVelocity
  • ConstantAcceleration
  • GuassMarkov
  • RandomDirection2D
  • RandomWalk2D
  • RandomWaypoint
  • SteadyStateRandomWaypoint
  • And also Waypoint

OMNeT++ with INET

  • Stationary
    • StationaryMobility
    • StaticGridMobility
    • And also StaticConcentricMobility
  • Deterministic
    • Circle
    • Rectangle
    • Tractor
    • Vehicle
    • And also Turtle
  • Trace-based
    • BonnMotionMobility
    • And also AnsimMobility

PhD Research Topics in MANET will make your research work shine from within and do not require any spotlight. If you have a plan, then we can strikingly build the project. Lest if you do not also have a clue, then do not worry. Indeed, we will also create the best work for you.

Hence, you can get the top-notch topics from our archive given below,

The new function for Trust Based on Certificate Revocation and Attacks in MANETs

A novel techniques for Markov chain based on opportunistic routing protocol to enhance in performance of MANET system

A novel system for Intrusion Detection Method designed for MANET

A fresh function for Performance Evaluation of demand routing protocols of MANETs

An innovative method for Manet for Stable Data flow in Smart home and Smart city

A novel study for Survey of Energy Aware Link Stable Routing Protocols in MANETS

An efficient method for Mitigating wormhole attack in MANET using absolute deviation statistical approach

An inventive method for Distributed Trust-Based on Multiple Attack Prevention intended for Secure MANETs

A novel mechanism for Comprehensive Study used for Localization Techniques in MANET and VANET

An innovative method for Reputation and trust based selfish node detection system in MANETs

The novel approach for Modified MANET protocol to extend the emergency network

A new mechanism for Performance Analysis of MANET Networks Based on AODV Protocol in NS-3 Simulator

An innovative mechanism for IPv6 Mobility Architecture in IPv4 MANET

A new function for Relative Density Aware Routing Algorithm for Energy Efficiency in MANETs

An inventive process of ACO and CLD Techniques in MANETs to Design Adaptable Protocols

An ingenious Secure Routing for MANET Connected Internet of Things Systems

The novel function for Congestion Avoidance Adaptive Routing Protocol for MANETs Via Network Coding

A new-fangled mechanism for Critical Evaluation of Secure Routing Protocols for MANET

A new system for Implementation Experience with Intelligent Power-saver MANET Routing Protocol scheme

An imaginative process of SDN-Based Approach to Support Dynamic Operations of Multi-Domain Heterogeneous MANETs system

A resourceful system for Trust Management in Underwater Acoustic MANETs based on Cloud Theory using Multi-Parameter Metrics scheme

An innovative function for Evaluating the Performance of QoI Algorithms in Realistic MANETs

The new mechanism for QoS premeditated on behalf of Video Transmission in MANETs

PhD Research Topics in Manet

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