Research Areas in Cyber Security

The research based on cybersecurity is very different as well as productive because of the emerging nature of attacks and continuous evolution of novel technologies. Our research teams are committed to creating high-quality cybersecurity research ideas through their diligent efforts. In the domain of cybersecurity, we offer some of the important research areas:

  1. Cryptography
  • Objective: To protect communication and secure data, generate novel encryption techniques, cryptographic protocols, post-quantum cryptography and quantum cryptography.
  1. Network Security
  • Objective: Beyond networks, improve the security of dynamic data which involves secure routing protocols, VPN technologies, firewalls and IDS (Intrusion Detection System).
  1. Cloud Security
  • Objective: In cloud computing platforms, discuss the involved security issues like cloud service provider security, data vulnerabilities, access management and secure data storage.
  1. IoT Security
  • Objective: This research mainly concentrates on secure communication, device authentication and data privacy and includes exploration of protecting the IoT (Internet of Things) devices and networks that encompasses wearable technologies, industrial IoT and smart home devices.
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
  • Objective: Detect and reduce attacks in an efficient manner by implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for the purpose of threat identification and response, automating security processes and predictive analytics.
  1. Blockchain and Cybersecurity
  • Objective: For reducing the data falsification, secure IoT environment, secure transactions and identity management, investigate the application of blockchain technology.
  1. Mobile Security
  • Objective: Regarding mobile devices and applications like securing mobile payment systems, securing data on mobile platforms and app protection, discuss involved security challenges.
  1. Privacy-Preserving Technologies
  • Objective: Encompassing PETs (Privacy-Enhancing Technologies), differential privacy and anonymous communication systems, secure the secrecy online by creating effective techniques, methods and tools.
  1. Cyber Physical Systems Security
  • Objective: In opposition to cyber-attacks, this study examines the strength and assurance of security and dependability of interactions and engages in protecting the CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) like automated vehicles, smart grids and significant infrastructure.
  1. Digital Forensics
  • Objective: For evaluating cybercrimes, enhance the techniques and tools such as forensic readiness, reviews of digital evidence and data recovery.
  1. Insider Threat Detection
  • Objective: To identify and defend threats among firms, create effective tactics and models like anomaly detection and behavioral analytics.
  1. Secure Software Development
  • Objective: Against cyber assaults, this research intends to create software which is capable of securing from bottom to top, encouraging secure coding methods and risk evaluations.
  1. Cybersecurity Education and Training
  • Objective: Among common people those who are not professionals, explain and advance the cybersecurity education, practices and raise awareness for developing them to be a cybersecurity experts.
  1. Regulatory Compliance and Cybersecurity Law
  • Objective: On firms and persons, explore the consequences of cybersecurity measures, rules and schemes which involve data protection rules such as CCPA and GDPR.
  1. Human Factors in Cybersecurity
  • Objective: Incorporating the human psychology of cybersecurity, user interface design for security and social engineering assaults, carry out a research on implications of human factors on cybersecurity.

Research problems and solutions in cyber security

Research problems are a very crucial component in performing a research, because it reflects the gap, where our study might contribute novel insights and also paves the way for further investigation. In terms of cybersecurity, unique and numerous research problems along with feasible findings are proposed by us that represents on-going research or demands sufficient exploration:

  1. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
  • Issue: In opposition to certain intentions, APT seeks to snatch the details or interrupting activities, as these threats are very complex and persistent cyber-attack expeditions. By means of innovative approaches, they frequently escape from observation.
  • Resolution: To identify outliers across extensive periods, design modernized behavior analysis tools by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). For the process of synthesizing endpoint security, incident response tactics and threat intelligence, execute an extensive security environment.
  1. IoT Security
  • Issue: It leads to incapability of defending assaults due to the expansive development of IoT devices which exceeds the attack surface with several devices which are insufficient of common security properties.
  • Resolution: For IoT manufactures, implement effective security measures like mutual authentication, firmware updates and secure boot. Considering the devices with constrained computational resources, conduct an extensive study on relevant lightweight cryptographic findings.
  1. Cloud Security
  • Issue: Because of the expansion of multi-tenant frameworks, many of the firms are shifted to cloud and involve problems like data attacks, data secrecy and adherence.
  • Resolution: Regarding the static and dynamic data, formulate advanced encryption methods. To assure the adherence and protect from illicit access, utilize secure access management findings and constant configuration monitoring.
  1. Supply Chain Cybersecurity
  • Issue: In virtue of vulnerable points of exposure, cyber-attacks focus on supply chain which impairs several products and functions.
  • Resolution: Encompassing authentication and data integrity codes employ secure software development training. Across the supply chain, implement clarity and security assurance techniques.
  1. Quantum Computing Threat to Cryptography
  • Issue: As it compromises data security, the advanced cryptographic protocols are disrupted by the capability of quantum computing threats.
  • Resolution: In order to defend against attacks from quantum computers, investigate and establish a quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithm which is otherwise called post-quantum cryptography.
  1. Insider Threats
  • Issue: In view of approaching sensitive data and systems, harmful or unmindful insiders cause important security vulnerabilities.
  • Resolution: Detect questionable behavior which reflects insider attacks by means of anomaly detection and behavior analytics. It is required to apply strict access management and distribution of tasks.
  1. Mobile Security
  • Issue: Basically, mobile devices involve or enable the sensitive details and it results in various vulnerable assaults like phishing, network attacks and app-based malware activities.
  • Resolution: Considering the malignant apps, susceptibilities and network assaults, formulate modernized mobile threat defense findings. On protected mobile trainings, encourage consumer education crucially.
  1. Machine Learning and AI Security
  • Issue: It results in invalid result or exposes the sensitive training data due to the manipulation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning systems by adversarial assaults.
  • Resolution: In opposition to AI systems, detect and reduce assaults through examining adversarial machine learning techniques. For the purpose of securing the sensitive details which are deployed in training AI systems, execute effective data privacy standards.
  1. Social Engineering Attacks
  • Issue: While social engineering attacks such as phishing become more robust, humans still remain at vulnerable places apart from technological developments.
  • Resolution: Acquire the benefits of gamification and regular testing to generate more productive user awareness and training programs. To identify and purify the phishing approaches in a proper manner, establish machine learning techniques.
  1. Privacy-Preserving Technologies
  • Issue: Specifically with respect to severe data protection standards and balancing the data usage with secrecy are still difficult to handle.
  • Resolution: Without impairing secrecy, access the data analysis by improving the exploration in techniques like secure multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption and differential privacy.
Research Topics in Cyber Security

Research Projects in Cyber Security

Safeguarding against cyber threats involves defending networks, software, and gadgets from various digital attacks. Our team at has outlined key research points on cyber security methodologies. We  Utilize top simulation tools to successfully achieve your research goals.

  1. Network Security Mechanism Optimization Strategy in Cloud Native Scenario
  2. Research on Network Security Filtering Model and Key Algorithms Based on Network Abnormal Traffic Analysis
  3. Network security situation quantitative evaluation based on the classification of attacks in attack-defense confrontation environment
  4. A Performance Comparison of Wireless Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols under Security Attack
  5. Discussion and Practice of Computer Network Information and Network Security Protection Strategy
  6. Cross-Security Domain Dynamic Orchestration Algorithm of Network Security Functions
  7. Collaborative network security in multi-tenant data center for cloud computing
  8. Risk Evaluation of Network Security Based on NLPCA-RBF Neural Network
  9. NetVis: A network security management visualization tool based on treemap
  10. Analysis of Computer Network Security Technology and Preventive Measures under the Information Environment
  11. The Research of the Network Security Situation Prediction Mechanism Based on the Complex Network
  12. Design of Network Security Situation Awareness and Early Warning System Based on Big Data
  13. Towards a fully automated and optimized network security functions orchestration
  14. Research on Network Information Security Service Model Based on User Requirements under Artificial Intelligence Technology
  15. Application of neural network in computer network security evaluation
  16. An integrated security framework for assisting in the defence of computer networks
  17. Emerging Network Security Issues in Modern Tertiary Institutions
  18. Application of Security Metrics in Auditing Computer Network Security: A Case Study
  19. Basic Network Construction and Network Security Design Analysis of Cloud Computing
  20. An analysis of personal wireless network security in Tonga: A study of Nuku’alofa

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