Research Paper Topic Ideas

A wide variety of topics will be shared from top professionals we establish direct communication with subject experts so that a clear understanding will be made. The arts and engineering domains are considered as different domains but both are uniquely significant for various approaches. Below, we suggest few research topic plans that integrate the fields of engineering and arts:

  1. The Role of Engineering in Large-Scale Art Installations:
  • Study: Our work is to examine, in what way we are incorporating engineering protocols and procedures for extensive public art installations development. It is also important to concentrate on resource choice, aesthetic factors, and structural ethics.
  1. Digital Art and Software Engineering:
  • Investigation: In this integrated domain, we investigate how novel creations of digital art such as virtual reality practices, and interactive installations are empowered by software engineering developments.
  1. Engineering in Film and Animation Production:
  • Exploration: In film and animation, specifically based on animation software advancements, camera innovations, and making specialized effects, we intend to explore the engineering contribution.
  1. Robotics in Interactive Art:
  • Research: Currently, in what way robotics-based engineering is employed for the development of interactive art installations must be examined. It is also required to analyze how robotics engineering makes major significance for the involvement of viewers and for upcoming artistic skills.
  1. The Impact of Civil Engineering on Public Art Projects:
  • Analysis: In our study, we aim to analyze in what way the civil engineering aspects like urban strategies and public security, impacts the public art structure and deployment.
  1. 3D Printing in Sculpture and Design:
  • Study: Our aim is to concentrate on how the modern innovations integrate artistic and engineering expertise and also intend to explore the benefits of 3D printing utilization in design and sculpture.
  1. Sound Engineering in Music Production:
  • Investigation: In music production, we examine the contribution of sound engineering systems. It also ranges from music recording to integration. It is also essential to investigate the influence of sound engineering on the music style and standard.
  1. Virtual Reality in Artistic Expression and Design:
  • Exploration: In what way the virtual reality innovations are utilized in artistic expression and design to make communicative and engaging experiences, must be explored in this combined field.
  1. Acoustic Engineering in Concert Hall Design:
  • Research: Here, we investigate how the concert hall’s structures are significantly impacted by the acoustic engineering procedures to improve viewers’ experience and sound effectiveness.
  1. The Evolution of Architectural Engineering and Aesthetics:
  • Analysis: Our aim is to analyze how technological developments impact the architectural aesthetics and patterns. It is also essential to explore in what way architectural engineering has emerged periodically in this trending era. .
  1. Sustainable Design in Art and Architecture:
  • Study: In this combined field, we concentrate on environmentally friendly sources and energy-effective structure and also investigate the connection of sustainable engineering protocols with the structure of art and architecture.
  1. Wearable Technology in Performance Art:
  • Investigation: Our project goal is to explore how the artistic expression and viewers communications borders are increasing through the design of wearable technology in performance art.
  1. Light Engineering in Artistic Displays:
  • Exploration: We study in what way the artistic displays like museum exhibitions, stage activities, and light festivals are changed or altered by the use of engineering advancements in lighting mechanisms.
  1. The Science of Color in Art and Design:
  • Research: In the art and design’s color perception, we analyze the role of engineering and science by incorporating the creation of paints and dyes and color
  1. The Integration of Civil Engineering with Landscape Art:
  • Analysis: Our work specifically concentrates on how the engineering and art domains integrated to make aesthetic and realistic public areas. It is necessary to explore works where we can connect landscape art and civil engineering.

How can I improve my PhD academic writing?

To strengthen the PhD academic writing expertise, it is significant to follow various major aspects and procedures. The following are few important tactics that assist you to improve the writing proficiency:

  1. Understand Academic Writing Conventions:
  • Study Existing Literature: To interpret the design, modulation, and the format of skillful academic writing, you should read enormous amounts of academic articles and papers relevant to your domain.
  • Learn from Feedback: Having experts and mentors are very beneficial to obtain reviews. To enhance your writing proficiency, make use of all the important suggestions.
  1. Develop a Clear Thesis or Argument:
  • Strong Thesis Statement: It is important to make sure whether your writing has brief, explicit, and major discussions or debatable concepts. Note that these should be coherently justified in the whole project.
  1. Structure the Writing Effectively:
  • Logical Flow: To confirm that every phase and passage consistently flows to the subsequent one, arrange your thoughts and plans in a coherent manner.
  • Use Headings and Subheadings: You can easily plan and carry out your writing process into attainable and consistent phases through the utilization of headings and subheadings.
  1. Focus on Transparency and Precision:
  • Be Concise: You should intend to convey your thoughts and plans in a very certain and concise way. Mostly, it is better to neglect extensively complicated languages and unwanted idioms.
  • Be Specific: To justify your discussions based on the concept, offer particular instances and proofs.
  1. Enhance the Grammar and Vocabulary:
  • Grammar and Syntax: For checking grammatical errors, various tools are available such as Grammarly but it is not approachable to completely depend on them. It is very essential to interpret the grammar basics. So, try to practice grammar frequently.
  • Expand Vocabulary: Make use of complicated vocabulary where it is appropriate and provide more transparency and significance. It is necessary to know that an extensively varied and accurate statement is permitted by a wide vocabulary.
  1. Practice Critical Writing:
  • Critical Analysis: We advise you to demonstrate someone else’s viewpoints. You should examine and evaluate previous studies and try to include your own insights to them.
  1. Master Academic Citations:
  • Citing Sources: It is significant to coherently follow proper citation format and style throughout the work. So, be aware of the required style.
  • Avoid Plagiarism: In your writing, stick to moral instructions offered by your department or institution. It is approachable to acknowledge the actual authors for their concepts and plans.
  1. Revise and Edit Rigorously:
  • Multiple Drafts: To enhance the academic writing, altering and revising are considered as major processes. Therefore, be ready to write numerous drafts to attain the better one.
  • Peer Review: To get feedback, discuss with your advisors or experts by sharing your writing drafts. It is important to accept their reviews and feedback.
  1. Seek Constructive Feedback:
  • Regular Feedback: Getting reviews frequently and accepting the valuable suggestions are the key factors and chances to learn and strengthen your academic writing skills.
  1. Time Handling:
  • Regular Writing Schedule: Work on writing process daily is generally efficient when compared to the irregular and elongated writing process. So, try to create a practice of coherent writing.
  1. Use Writing Resources:
  • Writing Workshops and Seminars: Particularly for PhD students, most of the institutions provide workshops and conduct conferences. To enhance your writing expertise, it is beneficial to engage in these events.
  • Writing Groups: You can obtain assistance, reviews, and inspiration by involving in or creating a writing committee with other students relevant to your PhD course.
  1. Read Widely:
  • Broaden Your Reading: It is crucial to widen your analytical skills and know about various writing styles. These can be achieved by extensively reading the internal and external sources related to your discipline.
  1. Write for Different Audiences:
  • Practice Writing for Various Audiences: Your writing should be interpretable to the spectators or viewers even for non-experts in the specified domain. Through this process, you will learn to convey complicated plans and approaches in an understandable way.
  1. Reflect on the Writing:
  • Self-Analysis: For further enhancements, you should find regions and focus on implementing your plan. It is important to analyze your writing frequently and consider some common aspects while carrying out the writing process. .
  1. Stay Updated:
  • Current Trends in Academic Writing: On the basis of academic writing related to your discipline, remain upgraded with the current anticipations and advancements.
Research Thesis Topic Ideas

How do I choose the right paper writing service for my needs?

Only experts can handle your work like a pro so it is recommended to get experts service we at have more than 100+ experts working for the benefit of scholars. Once you share your areas of interest with us, we will do the complete literature survey by sharing innovative topics. We do prioritize our quality  at budget friendly price and work novel. There will be an open communication with the scholars, further feedback will be received and discussions will be open.

  1. The coordinated control of motor regenerative braking torques defined by accelerator pedal and brake pedal of electric vehicle
  2. Electric vehicle charging stations layout research based on bi-level programming
  3. Research on intelligence torque control for the electrical variable transmission used in hybrid electrical vehicle
  4. Current Programmed Controlled DC-DC Converter for Emulating the Road Load in Six Phase Induction Motor Drive in Electric Vehicle
  5. Modeling of Off-Board Solar Powered High Efficient Charging Station For Electric Vehicles
  6. Microgrid Energy Optimization and Realization by Means of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in both V2G – G2V Environment
  7. Creating a platform to foster the growth of electric vehicles in Indian market by increasing the electric vehicle public charging stations
  8. A comparative study of sensorless control techniques of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor drives for electric vehicles
  9. Modified Direct Torque Control of PMSM Drive for Electric Vehicle Application
  10. Electric Vehicle Drive with Half Bridge Configuration based Bidirectional DC-DC Converter
  11. Comparative experimental evaluation of soft-switching inverter techniques for electric vehicle drive applications
  12. Inverse Bond Graph Model-Based Active Fault Tolerant Control for Health Monitoring of Electric Vehicle Path Tracking
  13. A Study on Regenerative Braking of the System Battery — Power Converter – Electric Motor of Electric Vehicles
  14. A Review on Control Strategies for Integration of Electric Vehicles with Power Systems
  15. Characterization and capacity dispersion of lithium-ion second-life batteries from electric vehicles
  16. Peak power measurement and substation capacity calculation for DC On-Line Electric Vehicle system
  17. Four wheel torque blending for slip control in a hybrid electric vehicle with a single electric machine
  18. Investigation & comparison of the integration of flywheel energy storage in hybrid electric and electric vehicles using bond graphs
  19. Recharging prioritization method for the integration of electric vehicle fleets with the Smart Grid: an evolutionary computation approach
  20. Optimal charge control of electric vehicles in parking stations for cost minimization in V2G concept

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