Topics For Research Proposal

The idea of your research will be depicted in your research proposal, here the topic paves utmost importance. Choosing an intriguing and appropriate topic is very crucial for research proposal. Based on present developments and demands, here we provide some of trending and innovative topics among several domains which are helpful to select a productive topic for our research proposal:

Technology and Computer Science

  1. The Role of Blockchain in Enhancing Cybersecurity: In online transactions, we explore how blockchain technology enhances the protection system.
  2. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Diagnosis: AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm capabilities are examined in identifying the diseases more exactly and productively.

Environmental Science

  1. Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity in [Specific Region]: How the climate changing patterns are influencing flora and fauna in specific ecosystems is supposed to be examined by us.
  2. Urban Sustainability: Strategies for Green Infrastructure: As means to create sustainable urban planning models to include green spaces and eco-friendly methods, manage effective research.

Health and Medicine

  1. Telemedicine and Patient Care during Pandemics: At the time of health emergencies like COVID-19, the capacity of telemedicine services in serving patient care is estimated.
  2. Mental Health Outcomes of Social Media Use among Adolescents: Among social media use and mental health problems in teenagers, consider the connections between them.

Economics and Business

  1. The Gig Economy and Future of Work Post-COVID-19: On formal employment models after the pandemic scenarios, the implications of the gig economy are necessarily discussed.
  2. Consumer Behavior in the Era of Digital Marketing: It is approachable to review the online marketing tactics on how it impacts the decision-making process of customers.

Sociology and Psychology

  1. Social Impacts of Remote Learning on Children: Carrying out a research on children’s social skills and improvements, we evaluate the long lasting consequences of extended remote learning process.
  2. Psychological Resilience in Times of Crisis: At the difficult moment, study the circumstances to improve the flexibility in individuals.


  1. E-Learning Tools and Academic Performance: In developing the student’s educational achievements, the robustness of multiple digital learning tools are analyzed by us.
  2. Inclusive Education Strategies for Diverse Classrooms: By means of enhancing and evaluating the broad-minded teaching tactics, conduct a study to satisfy the requirements of various student populations.

Political Science and International Relations

  1. The Role of Social Media in Political Campaigns and Elections: To impact the manner of voter, explore in what way the political organization employing the social media platforms.
  2. Globalization and Its Impact on Local Economies: On the economic progress of particular markets or countries, estimating the consequences of globalization.

Arts and Humanities

  1. Digitalization of Art and Cultural Heritage: The consequences and difficulties of digitizing art and cultural background in the present times should be inquired.
  2. The Influence of Literature on Social Movements: How the literature of modern age represents and implicates the trending social movements is advisable to be reviewed.

Engineering and Technology

  1. Renewable Energy Solutions for Developing Countries: For emerging markets, design our study to create reasonable and energy-efficiency measures.
  2. Nanotechnology in Medical Treatments: Possibilities of implementing the nanotechnology in advancing drug delivery systems are examined.

How do I find my project topic?

You can decide a topic for your proposal in accordance with your interest, skills and future objectives. To find out a topic which coordinates with your passion and goals, discuss our following systematic approach that assists you:

  1. Assess Your Interests and Strengths: Based on your interest, extensive understanding and skills, figure out a topic which is appropriate. To lead your project in a productive manner, consider a topic which motivates you.
  2. Consider Current Trends and Needs: In your inspired domain, search for recent developments, gaps or problems. It might encompass reading magazines, reviewing the latest article or according to your domain, participating in discussions and seminars.
  3. Review Existing Literature: To interpret what is already accomplished in your field of interest, delve intensely into books, educational magazines and internet sources. For future investigation, this helps you in detecting the gaps in literature where it needs sufficient details.
  4. Seek Inspiration from Past Projects: From your academy or web-based databases, conduct an analysis on earlier projects or papers. It results in generating your thoughts and helps you in interpreting the topics intensely, which guides your research in an attainable way.
  5. Consult with Advisors or Mentors: Obtain the reviews from your staff, professional experts or guides by sharing your thoughts with them. They help you in detecting the areas where it requires further investigation and provide beneficial information as well as assist you in enhancing your concepts.
  6. Align with Academic or Career Goals: Try to find out a topic, which must coordinate with your long lasting educational or professional goals. In what way this work might dedicate to your expertise and insights in your desired domain is required to be addressed.
  7. Evaluate Feasibility and Resources: Examine the accessibility of your research requirements. It involves availability of data, financing and time bound. Within these limitations, assure the topic whether it is achievable.
  8. Brainstorm and Narrow Down: Depending on your passion, workability of finishing the project and peculiarity of the topic, begin by considering a wide variety of thoughts and specify them progressively.
  9. Check for Relevance and Originality: Regarding the modern or advanced period, the chosen topic must be suitable. The topic is advisable to contribute original or specific perspectives to the preliminary literature.
  10. Consider Ethical Implications: Your selected topic should be verified, if it does not arise any ethical problems. Make sure whether you get the required access and approvals, specifically if it includes any sensible topics.
  11. Flexibility for Adaptation: As you intensely engage in your study, refine your topic with free mind and figure out the original data.
  12. Draft a Preliminary Research Proposal: To explain your ideas and from nobles or guides, acquire feedback through summarizing your thoughts in a proposal format.
Projects for Research Proposal

Topics For Research Literature Survey

Some of the current trending Topics for Research Literature Survey are listed below you can get tailored topics that attracts the readers. The significance of your research will be highlighted by our work. Best methodological solutions and best research results will be given.

  1. Optical system architecture design of multiple apertures array antenna for satellite-to-ground optical communication
  2. Genetic algorithm optimisation of the SNR for indoor optical wireless communication systems
  3. Gain flattening approach to physical EDFA for 16 /spl times/ 40 Gb/s NRZ-DPSK WDM optical communication systems
  4. Experimental Study of Fog Effect on Wireless Optical Communication Channel for Visible Wavelengths
  5. The affection of fiber nonlinearity in coherent optical communication system
  6. Investigation in Free Space Optical Communication Links Between Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  7. Receiving Area Enlargement using Expanded Laser Beam for Indoor Optical Wireless Communication
  8. Fast optical code reconfigurable technique for secure optical communication
  9. Research on radiation-hard EDFA used in space optical communications
  10. Polarization mode dispersion and its mitigation techniques in high speed fiber optical communication systems
  11. Extremely broadband superluminescent diodes/semiconductor optical amplifiers in optical communication band
  12. CMA misconvergence in coherent optical communication for signals generated from a single PRBS
  13. Indirect Diffused Light Free-Space Optical Communications for Vehicular Networks
  14. Mathematical Model of Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Channel with Code Pulse Modulation by Intensity
  15. Demonstration of Point-to-Multipoint Transmission for Free-Space Optical Communication Networks
  16. Modeling of IoT based High-Speed Hybrid Fiber-Optical Wireless Communication System
  17. Status of NASA’s deep space optical communication technology demonstration
  18. Design of Green Indoor IoT Networking Through Optical Wireless Communication Using Passive Optical Reflectors
  19. Carrier class availability in a transparent 1.25 Gb/s free space optical communication link over 320 m
  20. Backscattering-induced crosstalk in WDM optical wireless communication

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