Architecture of Vanetsim : Open Source Simulator

VANETsim is a typical simulator of event-driven oriented. It has been made especially for vehicular communication. This vehicular communication is soon implemented in the smart city scheme to reduce transport impairments

“Nature-made networks are limited with human and other species, whereas the man-made networks are unbiased even with the vehicles”

VANETsim is primitively structured to detect security and privacy at the level of applications. It functions over those detections from the angle of applications. It first analyses the attack made by it on the various types of automobiles, and it counteracts the security issues by assessing its attack impact over the VANET. After that testing process, it will be efficiently implanted over the automobiles enough to prevent VANET hacking.

“This article focuses on the objective and the structure of the VANETsim, its real-time application scenarios and it defines the VANETsim’s data forwarding techniques and our experience of implementing appropriate simulators for VANET.”

Overview of VANETsim      

As has been noted, VANETsim is made with pseudonym by its options of using the mix-zones and it enables the changes of vehicles in between. The post-processing stage evaluates the facilities available in the mix zones. Though VANETsim is an event-oriented simulator in the networking domain, the researchers/students would have incredible research confidence in this platform.

Vanetsim open source simulator Research Guidance

Architecture of VANETsim

There are four major elements are used to construct the structure of VANETsim. They are

  • Graphical User Interface (produces user interface)
  • The scenario Creator (creating scenario and simulation script)
  • The Simulation Core (consists traffic model, topology devices, security concepts)
  • Post Processing Engine for processing the security ideas to the GUI

The major function of the VANETsim is to provide security and privacy to the Vehicular Networks. Here, the simulation core has embedded with the topology devices that support the infrastructure and the privacy and security modules, which assures the GUI on the security of the network through the Post Processing Engine. Along with the structure of the VANET, we provide you the major features of VANETsim as follows.

Key features of VANETsim

  • As a matter of fact, the VANETsim is the first and foremost simulation tool that specialized in analyzing the security threat in the application level and counteracts the issue at the same level. By the way of it has provided with the top level accessibility to all similar data structures, the VANETsim can easily deal even with the new attacks.
  • An efficient Graphic User Interface to envisage the simulation process and so the GUI permits an instinctive debugging utility experiment along with a lightweight terminal interface.
  • By the way, our VANETsim’s code has improved with concerning the multi-core system, it is enabled to conduct large-scale experiments on-road with large number of vehicles and it is able to handle large road networks on the desktop hardware standards.
  • The VANETsim regulates in analyzing the simulating results by producing the artificial scenarios and realistic simulations as the top-level of its controlling ability.
  • The scenario creator element of the VANETsim permits the simulator to recreate the experiment results by replicating it on varying parameters. It also permits the simulator to conduct the batch testing at spur-of-the-moment.
  • The micro-traffic model deployed by the VANETsim in the simulation process is similar to the real-time network model to get realistic results. The model enables the vehicles to smug the road maps from the source called OpenStreetMap

How does VANETsim works?

  • VANETsim is accessible for the Windows Operating System and it enabled with the features of privacy modules and predefined security to execute the Mix Zones and Privacy Systems like silent periods. Generally the VANET enables the communication among the vehicles in two categories of messages such as
    • Special-Purpose messages that broadcasts the occurrence of important events around the vehicle
    • Beacons that reports the regular events about the vehicular environment.
  • The scenario creator element enables the VANETsim simulator to store the received configurations in the format of XML files. It is also be able to frame experiments and produce configurations as mentioned above.
  • The function of the simulation core conducts the real simulation process by organizing the particularized privacy and security modules, network infrastructures and traffic map.
  • In the long run, the post-processing engine produces records on the displayed similar occurrences of the metrics regarding the attack. 
  • First of everything, the Graphical User Interface enables the user to produce or deploying road maps. The GUI enables the users to change the imported or produced map by loading into the XML files that provides the users to utilize the interoperable with other tools.

Here’s an important function of the VANETsim has to be noted as its interface is objected with the feature to enable vehicular communication while the simulator functions. It is also able to trigger the request of the user by specifying the vehicular transmission range. Apart from the working process of the VANETsim, we provide you the limitations of the VANETsim as listed below.

Limitations of VANET Simulation

  • In order to offshoot a real-time execution of VANET Simulation, it is required to have an efficient, flexible platform.
  • To relate and contrast the simulation results, the VANET Simulation has an extremely need to have the generally estimated metrics and parameters for its verified scenarios.

Apart from the above limitations, the VANET Simulation has its foremost deficiency in calibrating the protocol testing and in evaluating its traffic systems. Along with the VANETSim limitations, let’s have a look at its simulation process with its tools and values.

Simulation of VANETSim

VANET simulation involves two kinds of central components

  • Vehicular mobility
  • Network communication

These two components are reliant on each other because there will be a dynamic change that occurs in the network topology based on the mobility of the vehicles. Here are the simulation tools and values of VANET.

  • EDM size Range
  • Mobility model
  • RSU radius
  • Departure interval
  • Wireless Protocol
  • Proposed message size
  • ECDSA Message size
  • Simulation time
  • Distance between edge nodes
  • Trans range
  • No. of edge nodes
  • Network simulation tool
  • No. of vehicle
  • Mobility generation tool

It has to be noted that implementing the VANETs in the real-time scenario will take high cost and it takes a severe workforce. To cope with this comfortable circumstance, VANET simulation will be helpful. It is a low-cost process and it can be a solution to the research issues. If you want to get effective results from VANET Simulation, we are suggesting producing our accurate models to reduce the difficulty in the VANET structure. 

Now, let’s take a look at the working process of the realistic VANET simulation. We distinguished it into the following steps.

How does a realistic VANET simulation works?

  • Requesting the data that impacts the traffic such as real traces, maps, traffic counters, data based on GPS, traffic counters etc.
  • The traffic generator manages the request and produces an input of artificial trace and sends to traffic simulator.
  • A microscopic traffic simulator then moves the vehicles based on physical rules and requests

Along with a transportation mode, a typical synthetic trace is implanted to define the origin and destination points, leaving time, and an exact route. The current update specifies the position of nodes and communication links. Such updates enable the effectiveness of a realistic simulation by providing joint impact between the simulation elements. 

Together with the realistic process of VANET simulation, we are glad to produce you the recent, trending technologies in VANET as follows.

Novel Technologies in VANET

  • Approaches on Heterogeneous Networking
  • System and design of Vehicular Networking Architectures
  • Committed systems and networks with integrated V2V communications
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Communications
  • Transportation Efficiency and Environment-Based Evaluations Of Vehicular Networks
  • Pilot studies, experimental systems, testbeds outcomes
  • Methods of vehicular networks parameters on simulation and performance
  • Vehicular networks QoS and Network management
  • Dependability, reliability and security, privacy in vehicular networks
  • Vehicular networking protocols
  • Vehicular network technologies and radio propagation model
  • In-vehicle communications

As per the developing features and attributes of VANET, it is natural to have some unsafe applications and safety probabilities. In the upcoming ITS field, the researchers have made notable progressions. Though, the new concepts and problems are on the rise and remain unexplored. However, network security and privacy are kept on becoming an exposing issue in the VANET domain. Indeed, our research team has identified some research issues for your reference.


  • Blockchain technology in Vehicular Network
  • Vehicular Network Privacy and GDPR
  • Protocols of Privacy-preserving Communication
  • Improving Vehicular Communications Trust
  • Securing Vehicular Communications
  • Integrating VANETs with New Wireless Infrastructure
  • Updating Automatic Credentials
  • Privacy Strategies without Pseudonym
  • Privacy Management Depriving the help of TA (Trusted Authority)
  • Improving fault-tolerant security protocols
  • Public-Key Cryptosystem absented security
  • Independent Infrastructure (Trust no one) security
  • Producing one solution for multiple attacks
  • Whole VANET security suite forming
  • Security and Privacy Issues in Vehicular Named Data Networks
  • Vehicular Cloud Computing security
  • Securing automated cars VANET technology

The above vanet research topics are some of our finest suggestions to research these are the common research issues in the VANET field. Apart from that, real-time issues are existing in the relevant field based on the security and privacy attack. First of all, let’s take a look at the security threats in VANET.

Vanet Simulator Research Guidance

 Security attacks in VANET

  • Non-Repudiation Attacks
    • Repudiation attack
  • Confidentiality Attacks
    • Eavesdropping Attack
  • Integrity Attacks
    • Replay Attack
    • Timing Attack
  • Availability Attacks
    • Black hole attack
    • Grey hole attack
    • Worm hole attack
    • DDoS attack
  • Authenticity Attacks
    • Tunneling attack
    • Masquerading
    • GPS spoofing
    • Sybil attack

To the best of our knowledge, the above-mentioned lists are the general and possible attacks in the VANETsim by using its featured vulnerabilities as listed above. By the acquaintance you got from this sample article, we let you estimate our subject knowledge in the relevant field. Not only in instructing you on the subject-wise topics and the research issues but also we help you in completing your thesis, projects, assignments, and Homework, with the help of our writing team and world-class certified engineers. Finally we nifty you to clutch this opportunity to work with us!!

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