Wide Area Network Project

Networking is examined as a fast growing domain and has various research areas to consider. By focusing from basic concepts to creative applications, we suggest several intriguing topics and plans as well as appropriate tools that assist you to carry out your project in an effective manner:

  1. WAN Optimization and Acceleration
  • Topic Plan: To enhance the effectiveness of data transmission across vast distances, apply WAN optimization approaches.
  • Tools: Cisco WAAS, Riverbed SteelHead, and Silver Peak.
  1. SD-WAN Implementation
  • Topic Plan: For improving network effectiveness and handling, model and implement a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN).
  • Tools: Fortinet FortiGate, VMware SD-WAN, and Cisco SD-WAN
  1. WAN Security Enhancement
  • Topic Plan: With the aim of reinforcing WAN safety by combining intrusion detection systems, firewall strategies, and latest encryption, create an efficient project.
  • Tools: Cisco Firepower, Palo Alto Networks, and Check Point Software Technologies.
  1. Hybrid WAN Configuration
  • Topic Plan: Intend to develop a hybrid WAN that enhances performance and strength of the network by integrating conventional MPLS circuits with broadband internet connectivity.
  • Tools: Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect, Citrix SD-WAN, and Cisco IWAN.
  1. Cloud-Integrated WAN
  • Topic Plan: In improving network scalability and performance, investigate the potential of cloud computing by combining cloud services into WAN.
  • Tools: Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect, and AWS Direct Connect.
  1. WAN for IoT Applications
  • Topic Plan: To facilitate the specific features and a wide range of IoT device traffic, model a WAN-based framework.
  • Tools: Lightweight M2M (LwM2M), Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP), and MQTT for IoT interaction.
  1. WAN Failover and Redundancy
  • Topic Plan: In order to assure extensive accessibility and disaster rehabilitation, apply WAN back-up and redundancy policies.
  • Tools: Pfsense for failover and routing, Zabbix for tracking, and Peplink Balance.
  1. Network Performance Monitoring and Analysis
  • Topic Plan: For detecting barriers and enhancing the flow of traffic, arrange an extensive WAN-based tracking and analysis project.
  • Tools: Nagios, Wireshark for packet analysis, and SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.
  1. WAN Bandwidth Management
  • Topic Plan: As a means to emphasize major applications and assure reasonable utilization, create tactics, especially for efficient WAN bandwidth handling.
  • Tools: Traffic Shaper XP, NetBalancer, and Bandwidth Controller.
  1. WAN for Remote Work
  • Topic Plan: By concentrating on the access of business resources in an effective and safer manner, model a WAN approach that is enhanced for remote work settings.
  • Tools: Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approaches, and VPN technologies (WireGuard, OpenVPN).

What are some good projects on networking?

In the field of networking, several topics and ideas have evolved that are considered as most suitable for conducting projects. The following are a few effective project ideas that integrate novel as well as learning aspects and also based on various networking interests:

  1. Home Network Setup and Security
  • Project Explanation: A safer home network arrangement has to be modeled and applied. Various processes could be encompassed in this project plan, such as applying Wi-Fi safety protocols, establishing VPN access for remote connectivity, arranging a router, and establishing a firewall.
  • Acquired Expertise: VPN establishment, security best approaches, and network arrangement.
  1. Network Traffic Analysis
  • Project Explanation: To seize and examine network traffic, employ tools such as Wireshark. Consider various processes like pattern detection, anomalies identification, and simulation of assaults, specifically for interpreting their signs.
  • Acquired Expertise: Intrusion identification, network security, and packet analysis.
  1. IoT Network Implementation
  • Project Explanation: The major aim of this project is to develop a network of IoT devices that are capable of interacting with one another and gathering information in an efficient way. For temperature, light, or motion, this could involve sensors. To carry out missions or warnings, these sensors are linked by means of the internet or a local network.
  • Acquired Expertise: Device tracking, gathering and analysis of data, and IoT protocols (CoAP, MQTT).
  1. Cloud Networking Project
  • Project Explanation: In a cloud environment such as Google, Azure, or AWS cloud, implement a network framework. To interpret the principles of cloud networking, arrange subnets, VPN gateways, firewalls, and virtual networks.
  • Acquired Expertise: Cloud safety, virtual networking, and cloud services.
  1. Network Simulation
  • Project Explanation: For modeling and simulating complicated networks, utilize network simulation tools such as Packet tracer or GNS3. To analyze their performance and activity, test various networking protocols, situations, and arrangements.
  • Acquired Expertise: Protocol arrangement, network design, and simulation and testing.
  1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Project
  • Project Explanation: Through the utilization of openly-accessible tools such as Ryu or OpenDaylight, apply an SDN approach. Conduct the testing process with dynamic routing, segregation of data plane and control plane, and network programmability.
  • Acquired Expertise: Controller APIs, SDN principles, and network programmability.
  1. Wireless Network Optimization
  • Project Explanation: To enhance the performance of wireless networks, carry out an exploration. Several processes such as investigation of throughput, interruptions, and signal efficiency in various platforms and alteration of arrangements to obtain better performance could be included in this research.
  • Acquired Expertise: Troubleshooting, wireless mechanisms, and network optimization.
  1. Network Automation Project
  • Project Explanation: For automating general missions of network functionalities like network transformations, implementation of network devices, and configuration handling, employ automation tools such as Python scripts, Netmiko, or Ansible.
  • Acquired Expertise: Configuration handling, scripting, and network automation.
  1. VPN Setup and Configuration
  • Project Explanation: This project intends for a VPN server establishment. It also arranges clients to link to the server. Various encryption approaches, authentication techniques, and VPN protocols could be investigated in this work.
  • Acquired Expertise: Authentication protocols, network security, and VPN technologies.
  1. Build a Network Monitoring Tool
  • Project Explanation: In order to track wellness of network, utilization and performance indicators, create a tool. For data gathering and depicting it in an accessible dashboard, utilize custom scripts, NetFlow, or SNMP.
  • Acquired Expertise: SNMP/NetFlow, gathering and visualization of data, and network tracking.
Wide Area Network Topics

Wide Area Network Project Topics

Explore the latest Wide Area Network Project Topics that are currently trending and have been recently developed. Our team of experts has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in supporting scholars with innovative ideas and topics for Wide Area Network Projects. Don’t hesitate any longer, get your project completed from phddireciton.com.

  1. A simulation-based performance evaluation of a randomized MIS-based clustering algorithm for ad hoc networks
  2. Location aided probabilistic broadcast algorithm for mobile Ad-hoc network routing
  3. ECDSA-based certificateless conditional privacy-preserving authentication scheme in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
  4. HELPER: Heterogeneous Efficient Low Power Radio for enabling ad hoc emergency public safety networks
  5. Weakly connected dominating set-assisted ant-based routing protocol for wireless ad-hoc networks
  6. Model for Path Duration in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks under Greedy Forwarding Strategy
  7. Enhanced dual authentication and key management scheme for data authentication in vehicular ad hoc network
  8. The clustering algorithm for efficient energy management in mobile ad-hoc networks
  9. A logical structure based fault tolerant approach to handle leader election in mobile ad hoc networks
  10. Street-centric routing scheme using ant colony optimization-based clustering for bus-based vehicular ad-hoc network
  11. A channel-access protocol to utilize multiple heterogeneous channels for ad hoc networks
  12. Method for Design and Performance Evaluation of Ad Hoc Networked Mobile Robotic Systems using OMNET++
  13. An evolutionary computation approach for designing mobile ad hoc networks
  14. Low-altitude UAVs for significantly increased data rate in tactical ad hoc networks
  15. Genetic Algorithm Based Congestion Aware Routing Protocol (GA-CARP) for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  16. Escalating post-disaster rescue missions through ad-hoc victim localization exploiting Wi-Fi networks
  17. A QoS-aware routing mechanism for multi-channel multi-interface ad-hoc networks
  18. Simulation and experimental testbed for adaptive video streaming in ad hoc networks
  19. Minimum disruption service composition and recovery in mobile ad hoc networks
  20. A lightweight group-key management protocol for secure ad-hoc-network routing
  21. An enhanced 1-round authentication protocol for wireless body area networks with user anonymity
  22. Energy-efficient and SDN-enabled routing algorithm for wireless body area networks
  23. Energy-efficient relay node selection scheme for sustainable wireless body area networks
  24. An ultra-wideband wireless body area network: Evaluation in static and dynamic channel conditions
  25. EMRP: Evolutionary-based multi-hop routing protocol for wireless body area networks
  26. Incremental Relay Based Cooperative Communication in Wireless Body Area Networks
  27. Optimal design of energy-efficient and cost-effective wireless body area networks
  28. Software-defined application-specific traffic management for wireless body area networks
  29. Survey of main challenges (security and privacy) in wireless body area networks for healthcare applications
  30. Multi-Attribute Decision Making Handover Algorithm for Wireless Body Area Networks

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