Overview of Mininet Projects: Mininet is generated for permitting the research in open flow and the software-defined networking. In general, it is based on the emulator and it functions for the large networks in some resources such as virtual machines or the modest single computer.

Foremost Benefits in Mininet

The following is about the major advantages in the Mininet projects and it is useful for the research scholars to gain in-depth knowledge about the Mininet

  • It is deployed to design the lightweight logical containers or nodes which are interconnected with the networks
  • It is used to generate the codes in applications and switches, functions of real kernel, faithful virtual networks in the single machine
  • It leads to modify, divide with the supplement networks, to install the real hardware, communicate with nearby networks and it is used to demonstrate advancement and research process

Vital Modules in Mininet

Hereby, we have enlisted the significant modules deployed in the Mininet projects. In addition, the research scholars can contact us for more references

Modules and their Functions

  • IVS Switch
    • IVS switch is the indigo virtual switch node process and it is a significant process of nodes such as network namespace value, parameters of node configuration, name of the node values, and the catalog of private directory strings
  • Nox Controller
    • The characteristics of the Nox controller are inbuilt in the Mininet which is used to assist the primary utilities. It is used to analyze the performance because it is related to the C++ program

Topical Classes in Mininet 

           The notable classes in mininet are listed out in the following. There are plenty of classes in mininet projects but we have highlighted two classes for your reference

Classes with its Purposes

  • Multi Graph
    • It is a topology database for NOX and it can denote the physical structure for the authentication process and it is emulated through the mininet packages. It is deployed to trace the edges and nodes
  • Mininet with Control Net
    • It is deployed to regulate and configure the routed network in the switches and controllers. In addition, it is used to generate the optimal control network

Necessary Tools in Mininet 

Our research experts have lots of experience with the integrated tools and their functions for more reference you can contact us for the implementation of the mininet project. Here, the tools are highlighted below

Tools and its Uses

  • Open Network Operating System
    • The emulator in mininet network and open network operating system can simulate the software-defined network with the particular network topology
    • It has practiced with the graphical interface in the virtual machine and the virtual box then the ONOS is installed in the versions of 5. 2. 8 r121009

System Specifications in Mininet 

For your reference, we have listed down the important programming languages used in the mininet projects

Programming Languages in Mininet 

  • Python
  • C

The notable operating systems in mininet are listed below. And we extend our support for your requirements in research

OS Support in Mininet 

  • Ubuntu-18.04
  • Ubuntu-16.04

The versions in mininet projects are useful for the research scholars to update their knowledge. The versions are

Versions in Mininet

  • Mininet-2.3.0d6
  • Mininet-2.2.2

Major Protocols in Mininet 

Our research professionals are well versed in all the protocols and we provide support for your selected research protocols. Here, we have listed the significant protocols in mininet projects

  • Southbound Protocol
    • It is used to direct the communication among the controller and the switches
    • The metrics such as control overhead, throughput, end to end delay, and packet delivery ratio are measured by the Mininet-WiFi and IT-SDN
  • Least Interface Beaconing Protocol
    • The implementation of the least interface beaconing algorithm is used to cover the wide beaconing process with the assistance of a protocol set and it develops the energy efficiency process in the wireless sensor network

Topmost Subjects in Mininet 

Therefore, we have listed down the recent subjects in the mininet projects

  • Network Analysis
    • Open flow protocols are assisted by the mininet and it is constructed using the Python coding
    • The existing model is analyzed through the network connectivity assessment among the hosts and network control protocols
    • The ping test takes place among the hosts in the network and they are linked with the several open flow switches
Top 5 Mininet Projects Research Topics

Important parameters of Mininet 

           Generally, parameters are used for the evaluation process in research projects. Thus, the research experts have highlighted the notable parameters in the mininet projects

  • RESDN Value
    • The value mirrors the profitability of the network components
  • Traffic Proportionality
    • It is the ratio of power consumption in the network and the capacity of traffic in percentage

Subject Based Modules in Mininet 

           The following is about the research subjects with the supportive modules in the mininet

Class Objective Syntax in Mininet 

           For your reference, the research experts have listed down the significant syntaxes used in the mininet

Class Switch (Object):

    # This is data class passed by EventSwitchXXX

    def __init__(self, dp):

        super(Switch, self).__init__()

        self.dp = dp

        self.ports = []

    def add_port(self, ofpport):

        port = Port(, self.dp.ofproto, ofpport)

        if not port.is_reserved():


    def del_port(self, ofpport):


    def to_dict(self):

        d = {‘dpid’: dpid_to_str(,

             ‘ports’: [port.to_dict() for port in self.ports]}

        return d

    def __str__(self):

        msg = ‘Switch<dpid=%s, ‘ %

        for port in self.ports:

            msg += str(port) + ‘ ‘

        msg += ‘>’

        return msg

Class Link (Object):

    # This is data class passed by EventLinkXXX

    def __init__(self, src, dst):

        super(Link, self).__init__()

        self.src = src

        self.dst = dst

    def to_dict(self):

        d = {‘src’: self.src.to_dict(),

             ‘dst’: self.dst.to_dict()}

        return d

    # this type is used for key value of LinkState

    def __eq__(self, other):

        return self.src == other.src and self.dst == other.dst

    def __ne__(self, other):

        return not self.__eq__(other)

    def __hash__(self):

        return hash((self.src, self.dst))

    def __str__(self):

        return ‘Link: %s to %s’ % (self.src, self.dst)

Class Host (Object):

    # This is data class passed by EventHostXXX

    def __init__(self, mac, port):

        super(Host, self).__init__()

        self.port = port

        self.mac = mac

        self.ipv4 = []

        self.ipv6 = []

    def to_dict(self):

        d = {‘mac’: self.mac,

             ‘ipv4’: self.ipv4,

             ‘ipv6’: self.ipv6,

             ‘port’: self.port.to_dict()}

        return d

    def __eq__(self, host):

        return self.mac == host.mac and self.port == host.port

    def __str__(self):

        msg = ‘Host<mac=%s, port=%s,’ % (self.mac, str(self.port))

        msg += ‘,’.join(self.ipv4)

        msg += ‘,’.join(self.ipv6)

        msg += ‘>’

        return msg

Substantial Applications in Mininet 

Here, we have listed out the substantial applications in the mininet and we extend our support for other applications too

  • Dynamic Routing
    • The applications generated in the dynamic routing are used to modify the router into the docker node by making alliterations in the forwarding guidelines

Mininet Scheduling Algorithms 

           In mininet projects, there are several algorithms but we have listed only a few for your reference and the development of the network security project

  • Search Tree-Based SDN Candidate Selection (SCS) Algorithm
    • Three algorithms are offered to attain better results against the greedy-based approach. The algorithms such as
      • Most appropriate designated SDN switch selection algorithm
      • Most appropriate feasible solution selection algorithm
      • Search tree-based feasible solution calculation algorithm
    • While comparing the above-mentioned algorithms, the search tree based SCS algorithm is proved by attaining better results against the greedy based algorithms

Simulate using Mininet 

We have listed down the most novel research areas and the implementation process in the mininet projects for the research scholars to get a quick grasp over the research subject

  • Traffic Engineering
    • It is based on the software-defined networking and used to develop the network utilization and quality of service
    • The traffic scheduling algorithms such as CATS are used to regulate and detect the real-time congestions
    • It is related to the multipath switching and forwarding of the flows among the paths and the script is authenticated by the open daylight controller along with network topologies, mininet network emulators, modules in traffic engineering, etc.

Important Process in Mininet 

Let us discuss the significant process used in the mininet projects

  • The traffic diversion in SDN has three layers, the first layer contains the management routers and switches, servers, and open daylight controller
  • The switches are filled in the second layer and the third layer consist of the hosts
  • Management VLAN is circulated among the first and second layer
  • The user VLAN is distributed among the hosts and switches

Significant Steps in Mininet 

           Our research professionals in Matlab solar panel simulation have listed down the step involved in the process of the implementation of the mininet project

  • The control plane is occupied by the SDN controller
  • Using open flow protocol the data is transmitted to the data plane
  • The data among the servers are divided into three parts such as core, edge, and aggregation
  • Servers will provide the network to the hosts after filtering the network 

Vital Routing Protocols in Mininet 

Our research experts have highlighted the routing used in the mininet projects

  • Accumulative Load Aware Routing (ALAR)
    • The mininet network emulator is deployed for the simulation process and results in the conventional path routing and it is used to reduce the potential congestion issues
    • It is used to collect a load of all the links through its flow. The exploitation of network resources and the reduced probability is implemented through the knowledge of route computation and network topology
  • Virtual Id Routing (VIRO)
    • The routing paradigm is used for the advanced networks and the protocols are routed to acquaint with the topology awareness and it leads to encoding the positions of the devices and switches belonging to the physical topology

Innovative Project Topics in Mininet 

Hereby, we have enlisted the research projects titles with the appropriate implementation process in the mininet projects

  • Mininet are used to create a project to perform the process of transferring the data in the selected routing
  • Mininet are used to create a project to perform the process of route selection and packet transmission based on Configuring a Legacy Router
  • Mininet are used to create a project to perform the process of data transmission
  • Mininet are used to create a project to perform the process of packet transmission
  • Mininet are used to create a project to perform the process of Ryu based packet transmission

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