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What is NS3?

           NS3 is an important network simulator that helps in the simulation of any type of network. In general, it is called a discrete-event simulator and it shed the light on improving the core architecture, models, and network components for real-world network devicesand protocols. Further, with the use of NS3, multicast and unicast protocols are simulated for different wired and wireless networks.

NS3 projects greatly help in research and development for doing the remarkable works in current trends of networks.

            Our experts have years of reputation in doing research in multiple topics and hence working on this technology given a broader view of information in this field. After multi-revisions, our experts gave more innovative ideas for best NS3 projects. Many research areas using NS3 Simulator are discussed below.

Research Areas in Networking

As we said earlier, there are many areas to be explored in network simulation. The most significant research areas are listed.

Generally speaking, many research topics are coming for simulations that are based on the research issues and also the impairments of any network. In particular, network topics are based on the OSI layers. On each layer, topics are different. According to the ongoing research issues, we listed the project ideas in networking as follows.

Project Ideas in Networking

  • Physical Layer
    • Modulation Coding
    • Beam Selection
  • Transport Layer
    • Congestion Control
  • MAC Layer
    • Scheduling
    • Mobility Management
    • Resource Allocation
    • Hardware Sleeping Control
  • Network Layer
    • Load Balancing
    • Network Management
    • Routing
    • Data Aggregation
  • Application Layer
    • Multimedia Transmission
    • Caching
    • Network Function Virtualization
    • Wireless Localization

There are some applications of NS3 simulation which will help you in better understanding the topic. They are given briefly below.

Top 5 Innovative Research Ideas for NS3 Projects

Integrated Applications in NS3

  • NS3 AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms depend on the open source framework such as Pytorch and Tensor Flow.

  • The frameworks are independently developed of NS3, so it is difficult to merge.
  • It is convenient and reasonable to make the communication for packets transmission.
  • This module is used to process the communication of packets by NS3 and AI based frameworks using Python bindings.
  • Bursty Applications

Bursty application is a module which has some particular features. The features of the module are given below.

  • Bursty application and burst sink as NS3 application, it allow complex application model by sending large data packets over UDP sockets, separating one into burst of smaller packets and rearranging the packets at the receiver.
  • A tracing System allows the transmitter and receiver to give burst-level and fragment-level and Virtual Reality (VR) traffic source is modeled.
  • By extending the Burst Generator Interface Additional traffic models can be added. Using the Trace file Burst Generator, Virtual Reality Traffic traces can include and used in simulation.
  • if77 model for NS3
  • The new propagation loss model can be implemented by this module.
  • Can calculate loss of wireless signal in NS3 Simulation.
  • The propagation loss module is a wrapper explained by contrib module around FORTRAN library.

3GPP HTTP application 

            Web Browsing Traffic is Traffic Generator using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It has one or more HTTP applications to connect the client and server such as ThreeGPPHttpClient Applications and ThreeGPPHttpServer Applications. Web pages to the server are requested which models the web browser.

  • 3GPP HTTP Client description

This also simulates the traffic of the web browser and this application jointly works with ThreeGppHttpServer. The application working is given below.

  1. In starting it opens a connection to the destination to the web server.
  2. After the connection, the applications instantly request the main object from the server by sending the request packet.
  3. When the main object is received, the application parses the main object.
  4. User reading the downloaded web page.Eg:  HTTP Application run by the below command

                                   $. /waf –run ‘three-gpp-http-example’

By default, example will printout web page requests of the client and client receiving content packet by using LOG_INFO of ThreeGppHttpClient and ThreeGppHttpServer.

  • 3GPP HTTP server description

This model simulates the traffic of the webserver. This application jointly works with ThreeGppHttpClient. When it receives a network the application starts its work by responding. Every request is a small packet of data that has ThreeGppHttpHeader.

The value of the content-type field of the header decides the type of the header, the client is requesting. This may be either a main Object or an embedded object.

The size of every object is randomly determined. The application is responsible to generate the right type of object and sent back to the client. Due to buffer spacing, each object may be sent as multiple packets.

Latest List of NS3 projects

  • Optimizing Transmission Energy by Clustering Size Using S-MAC in WSNs
    • Using sleep techniques, the power-consuming wireless sensor network can reduce using SMAC protocol. As a result, the network is broken up into a cluster. In each cluster, different sleep schedules used for each cluster lead to an issue with the SMAC protocol.
    • For each individual, there is the best suitable size, which is calculated by individual cluster in terms of per cluster average node for a wireless network. This gives us permission to show the effects the cluster size has on power consumption, network latency as well as other network parameters.
  • P2P Network Load Balancing Using Ant-based Load Balancing Algorithm
    • P2P network uses a large number of load balancing mechanisms. This is achieved by an increase in the availability limit in P2P systems. Load collection and high load transfer are overhead, but the convergence speed is low. Our system is based on a developed load balancing system based on a based load balancing algorithm.
    • There are two categories of agents like the search and the guide ant to achieve. To get the desired result, there are factors like load transfer overhead and load collection overhead. When their algorithm is lowered step-by-step, by performance this is evaluated.
  • Secure Routing Also against Sinkhole Attacks for MWSN’s
    • WSN has a chance of getting attacked by a Sinkhole Attack; the intruder tries to redirect all network traffic towards itself, by giving false routing data. This affects the load balance worse and it gives chance to further attacks. It’s important to monitor, detect and avoid this attack.

Top 5 Research Project Topics using NS3

Our experts are working on this topic to give more information for the NS3 projects. Some of the major topics are given below.

  • Buffer based relay selection and power allocation for cognitive networks using double deep Q networks
  • Dynamic programming approach for resource allocation in D2D communication
  • Deep reinforcement learning approach for allocation of resources in cognitive radio networks
  • Network slicing and resource allocation for attention network and deep reinforcement learning in dense cellular networks
  • Resource scheduling and allocation using the DRL approach for reliability-based wireless body area networks.

NS3 projects are a useful topic for research, where the information given in this article is not a limit to this topic. Our experts will give information regarding this topic in a detailed manner w.r.t simulator schedule ns3. Experts give online guidance for this latest updated NS3 Research Project Topic. For your queries, you can communicate with them at any time.

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