Networking Thesis Topics

Networking is a significant domain that is based on sending and receiving information between different nodes and it is also referred to as computer networking. In terms of various concepts related to this domain, we suggest a collection of networking thesis topics that could be appropriate as well as interesting:

Wireless and Mobile Networks

  1. 5G Networks: Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Directions
  2. Performance Analysis of Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) for IoT Applications
  3. Security Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)

Fundamental Networking Principles

  1. Optimizing Network Topologies for Scalable and Resilient Infrastructure
  2. Evaluating the Impact of IPv6 Adoption on Internet Infrastructure
  3. Analysis of Routing Protocol Efficiency in Large-Scale Networks

Network Security

  1. Blockchain Applications in Enhancing Network Security and Privacy
  2. Developing Intrusion Detection Systems Using Machine Learning Techniques
  3. Assessing the Impact of Quantum Computing on Cryptographic Protocols

Internet of Things (IoT)

  1. Scalable Communication Protocols for IoT Devices in Smart Cities
  2. IoT Security: Addressing the Challenges in a Connected World
  3. Energy-Efficient Data Transmission Techniques in IoT Networks

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

  1. SDN-Enabled Network Optimization for Cloud Data Centers
  2. Network Slicing in 5G: Technologies, Challenges, and Opportunities
  3. Automating Network Management using NFV and Service Orchestration

Cloud Computing and Networking

  1. Optimizing Data Transfer for Multi-Cloud Environments
  2. Enhancing Data Security in Cloud Networking
  3. Network Challenges and Solutions in Edge Computing Architectures

Quality of Service (QoS) and Network Performance

  1. Adaptive QoS Techniques for Multimedia Transmission over the Internet
  2. Analyzing the Effectiveness of TCP Congestion Control Algorithms
  3. Network Performance Evaluation in Virtualized and Containerized Environments

Next-Generation Networking Technologies

  1. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Network Management and Security
  2. Exploring the Potential of Terahertz (THz) Communication Systems
  3. Viability and Challenges of Underwater Optical Wireless Communication (UOWC) Systems

Advanced Networking Concepts

  1. Investigating the Feasibility of DNA Data Storage and its Network Implications
  2. Cross-Layer Design Approaches for Improved Network Performance
  3. Network Telemetry: Techniques, Challenges, and Applications

What are some new research topics in networking?

In the field of networking, several topics and ideas have evolved significantly that are examined as suitable for exploration work. We list out a few latest and novel research topics that involves major area based on networking:

  1. 6G Networks and Technologies
  • By concentrating on the latest MIMO technologies, combination with satellite networks to attain worldwide coverage, and terahertz (THz) frequencies, exploration in 6G intends to consider the future wireless networks as the deployment of 5G is initiated.
  1. Quantum Networking
  • In the process of developing virtually rigid encryption with the help of quantum key distribution (QKD) and demonstrating the quantum internet basics, quantum networking is advantageous for its highest capabilities. For secure interaction, the benefits of quantum technology have to be investigated.
  1. Network Slicing for 5G and Beyond
  • The major aim of this topic is to satisfy various applications that are ranging from IoT to massive machine-type communications (mMTC) and ultra-reliable low-latency communications (LRLLC). To offer flexible network segments with particular quality of service (QoS) metrics, in what way network slicing could be enhanced are explored in this study.
  1. Edge Computing and Network Architecture
  • To completely utilize edge computing, the functional and structural transformations that are needed in networks such as the enhancement of latency, combination with cloud computing frameworks, and data routing have to be examined.
  1. AI and ML for Network Optimization
  • In order to reinforce safety, effectiveness, and credibility of the network, make use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for various processes like anomaly identification, predictive maintenance, and dynamic network enhancement.
  1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in 5G
  • By focusing on facilitating the quick network services deployment and adaptable, software-oriented network settings, explore the contribution of NFV and SDN in the 5G networks placement and handling.
  1. Wireless Power Transfer and Communication
  • For allowing devices to be energized or powered and interact without any wired connectivity, the intersection of wireless power transfer and wireless communication mechanisms has to be examined.
  1. Underwater Wireless Communication
  • This research mainly concentrates on applications in autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) interaction, analysis, and tracking. For underwater wireless interaction, investigating the issues and approaches such as optical, acoustic, and electromagnetic mechanisms.  
  1. Blockchain for Network Security and Management
  • In improving network safety, assuring morality and reliability of data in missions such as IoT and supply chain management, and decentralizing network handling, investigate the effectiveness of blockchain mechanisms.
  1. Privacy-preserving Technologies in Networking
  • To secure user information in a highly interlinked world, the creation and incorporation of privacy preserving mechanisms like secure multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proofs, and differential privacy in networking should be analyzed.
  1. IoT and Cyber-Physical Systems Security
  • Reflect on the protection of data, devices, and interactions in frameworks which communicate with the physical world, and aim to solve the safety issues in cyber-physical systems and IoT.
  1. Federated Learning Over Networks
  • Like a distributed machine learning technique which specifically trains methods among decentralized devices, this research explores federated learning with the aim of solving data governance problems and confidentiality-based challenges.
  1. Next-Generation WLAN Technologies
  • By considering the enhancement in effectiveness, connections, and speed in a wide range of platforms, investigate the WLAN technologies developments such as Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax) and upcoming principles.
Networking Thesis Projects

Networking Dissertation Topics

Our research team possesses extensive expertise in various areas to guide you towards the appropriate path for studying and assisting you in carrying out a small-scale project on Networking Dissertation. Additionally, we offer assistance in other supporting technologies. Obtain your Networking Dissertation Topics from where we provide best writing  services and coding support.

  1. Peer-to-peer overlay techniques for vehicular ad hoc networks: Survey and challenges
  2. Minimum connected dominating sets in heterogeneous 3D wireless ad hoc networks
  3. A novel cooperative MAC protocol for safety applications in cognitive radio enabled vehicular ad-hoc networks
  4. LAKA-UAV: Lightweight authentication and key agreement scheme for cloud-assisted Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using blockchain in flying ad-hoc networks
  5. A cooperative phase-steering technique in spectrum sharing-based military mobile ad hoc networks
  6. On the distribution of nodal distances in random wireless ad hoc network with mobile node
  7. An aerial ammunition ad hoc network collaborative localization algorithm based on relative ranging and velocity measurement in a highly-dynamic topographic structure
  8. QMM-VANET: An efficient clustering algorithm based on QoS and monitoring of malicious vehicles in vehicular ad hoc networks
  9. Software-Defined Networking in wireless ad hoc scenarios: Objectives and control architectures
  10. A Bio inspired optimization with Reliable QoS Routing through Efficient Packet Transmission in Mobile ad-hoc Network
  11. CluRMA: A cluster-based RSU-enabled message aggregation scheme for vehicular ad hoc networks
  12. A three-dimensional clustered peer-to-peer overlay protocol for mobile ad hoc networks
  13. Energy efficient multipath ant colony based routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks
  14. An enhanced lightweight and secured authentication protocol for vehicular ad-hoc network
  15. A biometric secured anonymous communication protocol for Vehicular Ad hoc Network
  16. Secure and reliable data forwarding using homomorphic encryption against blackhole attacks in mobile ad hoc networks
  17. Fractional chaos based-cryptosystem for generating encryption keys in Ad Hoc networks
  18. Predictive Congestion Control based on Collaborative Information Sharing for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  19. Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning in Flying Ad-Hoc Networks for Delay-Constrained Applications
  20. SDARP: Security based Data Aware Routing Protocol for ad hoc sensor networks
  21. A very low-power discrete-time delta-sigma modulator for wireless body area network
  22. Improved unsupervised coloring algorithm for spectrum allocation in multiple wireless body area networks
  23. A logistic mapping-based encryption scheme for Wireless Body Area Networks
  24. Emergency Vital Data Packet Transmission in Hospital Centered Wireless Body Area Network
  25. Novel security system for wireless body area networks based on fuzzy logic and trust factor considering residual energy
  26. An adaptive cuckoo search based algorithm for placement of relay nodes in wireless body area networks
  27. Location of three-dimensional movement for a human using a wearable multi-node instrument implemented by wireless body area networks
  28. Authentication Techniques and Methodologies used in Wireless Body Area Networks
  29. Efficient and privacy-preserving authentication scheme for wireless body area networks
  30. A bonded channel in cognitive wireless body area network based on IEEE 802.15.6 and internet of things
  31. An efficient and practical certificateless signcryption scheme for wireless body area networks
  32. The Qualitative Study on Input – Output Channel Configurations in Wireless Body Area Network
  33. Lightweight and provable secure cross-domain access control scheme for internet of things (IoT) based wireless body area networks (WBAN)
  34. Distributed privacy protection strategy for MEC enhanced wireless body area networks
  35. A ciphertext-policy Attribute based encryption scheme for wireless body area networks based on ECC
  36. An Energy Efficient and Reliable Routing Scheme to enhance the stability period in Wireless Body Area Networks
  37. AMERP: Adam moment estimation optimized mobility supported energy efficient routing protocol for wireless body area networks
  38. Analysis of efficient unmanned aerial vehicles to handle medical emergency data transmission surveillance system by using wireless body area network
  39. Detection of epileptic seizures from compressively sensed EEG signals for wireless body area networks
  40. Network Status Aware Congestion Control (NSACC) Algorithm for Wireless Body Area Network

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