MS Thesis in OFDM Wireless Communication

In Wireless communication, Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a form of digital communication and an approach to programming digital data with frequency selective fading. This MS thesis in OFDM Wireless Communication defines the techniques which support the latest transmission methods in OFDM with help of some effective software.

How OFDM works in Wireless communication?

The OFDM is a broadly used method of digital transformation in wireless communication like WLAN, LTE, DVB-T, and 5G. And it unites with the sort of multicarrier variance methods. The OFDM independently adjusts all subcarriers and it fest the communication frequency band into a set of adjacent finer carriers.

Gradually, we can execute the listed types of modulation with an Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT). And with slight orthogonal subcarriers, the OFDM signal acquires strength from a particular frequency fading station and it ignores nearby crosstalk of subcarriers. After that, we can readjust the OFDM signal by a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and balance it within the complicated gain at all subcarriers at the receiving point. And without mounting the frequency band, it merges the OFDM into MIMO for developing transmission rapidity.

Hereafter, we promptly check out some toolboxes which are widely used for OFDM simulation. As a result, the MS thesis in OFDM Wireless Communication identifies and shows the topmost tools in OFDM transmissions. And we have experienced technical experts who are well known to switch those tools. In the next segment, we give you a gist about those numbers of effective toolboxes.

What are the Tools in OFDM?


The mechanism of MATLAB with SIMULINK is processed in all OFDM waveforms of factors like FFT, CP length and several antennas, etc. such valuable effects are,

Available MATLAB Toolboxes for OFDM

  •  Instrument control toolbox – LTE and 5G, TCP/ and UDP
  • 5G toolbox – Uplink and downlink channels, RF model, and direct communication
  •  Communication – Channel programming, toning, and sorting

Then the massive OFDM MIMO was assessed in Matlab with two prime toolboxes. They are Communication and Phased Array System toolbox which is most useful for OFDM projects. And also, the Matlab aid for massive MIMO Thesis for that vast functioning. And those functions are listed here.

Main Research Areas in OFDM

Below, we have mentioned most promising ms thesis in ofdm wireless communication research areas.

  • Diagonalization of channel jamming
  • Various purpose of fading
  • Encode and Decode – Orthogonal space-time block
  • Bug recognition and rectification
  • Paralleling and coordinating
  • Sorting and altering
  • Hybrid beamforming

Subsequently, there are a few more model toolboxes for OFDM wireless communication execution.

MS Thesis in OFDM Wireless Communication Research Guidance



  • It is free software that is an aid for OFDM models of network nodes as User Equipment (UE), evolves Node B (eNB), Home eNB (HeNB), and executes Mobility Management Entity/Gateway (MME/GW).
  • In OFDM these processes are performed by the way to communicate and it divided and pass through each carrier.
  • Then it works on OFDM alteration which is a route to utilize fault rectification methods.
  • Later, it adapts the several carriers and finally, the data is restructured.

NS3 and NS2

  • Open source software that is used to develop different broadcasted signals through DAB Radio and send it to the Digital Video Broadcast standard.
  • It incorporates objective layer software for OFDM related standard to assist the IEEE 802.11 for the transmittance in the network.
  • For wireless communication platforms, they afford the latest fault frequency design for OFDM signals.


  • A framework designed for IEEE 802.11 OFDM PHY symbol-level physical layer design and a basic APSK model for testing.
  • It has vital features like advance error rectification, scambling, inserting and altering.
  • In it, we can easily identify the model authentication between the symbol-level models and frame-level simulations.


  • It is a model especially for constructing a network with the help of OFDM modulation practice.
  • It adapts numerous subcarriers due to across particular frequency rates.
  • Process all packets in complete OSI models by means of 802.11a or 802.16-2004 standards.


  • It classifies four PHY kinds such as OFDMA, SC, SCa, and OFDM
  • Its OFDM model works on OFDM wireless communication range to improve the network functioning.
  • The Dynamic flow control tools facilities are excess service performance, erasing, and modulating.
  • Also, it offers the MAC frame creation for Downlink (DL), subframe formation, Uplink (UL) erupt structuring and PDU sequencing


  • It is the main software to improve the V2X networks to develop the worth of OFDM value in V2X networks.
  • In it, we can execute the wireless contact on IEEE 802.11 level vehicular field.
  • The examination of OFDM system functioning is to assure the trace fault frequency among signal-to-noise ratio with many techniques through Zero Focusing (ZF), Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE), etc.


  • It is free software for creating multi-carrier-system as OFDM, FBMC.
  • In its updated version v9.1, wireless communication presents various kinds of OFDM standards like 802.11.
  • Particularly those standards assist to be relevant the programmed system with channel bandwidth, slot time and NSS etc.
  • It’s 802.11ac specific helps to permit and apply several modulations into radio technologies.
  • Finally, the output of the simulation is mostly related to different metrics like Network, Link, Application, Protocol specific metrics for all protocols and Forwarding tables.

Obviously, these toolboxes are rule the field of OFDM wireless transmission. And the only desire of this MS thesis in OFDM wireless communication is to display the whole concepts of OFDM from its nook and corner achievements till up to date.

How do we assist in OFDM Wireless Communication?

  • Choosing the topic
  • Formulation of problem
  • The accomplishment of a Thesis Statement
  • Exploring the Literature
  • Research Methodology
  • Experiments assessment
  • Complete thesis writing
  • Assisting Viva-Voce
  • PPT Preparation

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